Touring the Central American Country of Guatemala

If a person wants to experience beautiful nature, interesting history and a bit of Latin culture, then the family should definitely travel to Guatemala. Named as “The land of forest”, its inhabitants enjoy a pleasant tropical climate. It’s fascinating landscape and amazing history make it one of the must visit places for tourists. Before travelling there, one should check the for information relating to the county’s policies, travel guide, shopping guide, etc… Being a distinct tourism place, this Central American country has a history dating centuries back and tropical spots for visitors to see.

A place to shop and hang out

Infused with the Mayan culture, Guatemala offers tourists with an exciting day for shopping. From textile, handicraft and jewelry to modern household appliance, Guatemala provides shoppers everything available in the market. People can bargain and purchase what they want at reasonable prices. Make sure that first one goes through Guatemala-times if they want a unique shopping experience.

guatemala - times

This websites provides the readers a variety of articles on shopping at Guatemala and the range of products available there and their prices. Also it gives the readers an insight into handicrafts, textile and gift shopping for the shoppers. It is a useful shopping guide for tourists.

Transportation for sightseeing and leisure

Having a colorful culture and rich Mayan cultural heritage Guatemala is an adventurous place to visit. One can hire rentals or taxis to go around the city. They can catch them on the road or book their ride before-hand itself. Usually travel within each city is by road only. Other transportation available is the Guatemala trains and buses and the rail services of Guatemala. Cycling and biking are also common transportation for the locals there and is a good option for adventurous people. Hence, one can get around Guatemala with any of these transportations and indulge in a good sight-seeing time.